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Advanced Driver Assist System Windshield Recalibration In Avondale, AZ

Automobiles are constantly evolving. As a result, more and more frequently advanced driver safety features are being integrated into the windshields.  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are relevant to vehicle glass repair and replacement because of the cameras and sensors that can be present on the windshield itself.

When an ADAS integrated windshield is replaced, there is a danger of misalignment due to their sensitivity. This can have a significant effect on how well the system works. The technician fitting your windshield must ensure correct calibration is carried out so that the camera has precisely the right view of the road ahead. As ADAS technology continues to improve and get more complex – it therefore becomes vital that you have a trusted expert handle any and all windshield repairs.

Why is Windshield Camera Calibration necessary?

ADAS Windshields typically function through a combination of sensors and cameras.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that, following a Windshield replacement, the system is calibrated to ensure that all safety features are working. If your Windshield is incorrectly fitted, even by as little as a few millimetres, these technologies might be compromised! Each car is different, so manufacturers also stipulate unique calibration settings for their Driver Assistance Systems.

Calibrating your Windshield should not be limited to immediately after a complete replacement. It is recommended that you get your Driver Assistance Systems checked if:

  • Your ADAS camera is disconnected.
  • Your camera is partially removed or develops a fault.
  • You have recently had a wheel alignment or change of suspension because this can affect your ADAS service.

Have you noticed the camera on or by your windshield? That camera is responsible for the proper operation of one or more of the ADAS features in your vehicle such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, pedestrian avoidance, among others. When we complete an ADAS recalibration, it is that windshield camera we are recalibrating. There are two types of ADAS recalibration, static and dynamic.

Top Rated Windshield Recalibrations In Avondale, AZ

Static Recalibration

Static recalibration consists of setting up a vehicle-specific target board a certain distance from the vehicle and finding the center of the vehicle. The camera is then recalibrated via the scan tool connected to the vehicle’s computer and the target board aligns the vehicle.

Dynamic Recalibration

Dynamic recalibration consists of hooking up a scan tool to the vehicle and going for a road test. The road test will then align the vehicle while the scan tool recalibrates the camera.

Trained and Certified

Our recalibration techs are trained and certified on both Bosch and Opti-Aim recalibration systems, and the service is offered state-wide. Some vehicles may require both static and dynamic recalibration. If ADAS recalibration is part of your glass claim, the cost will most likely be covered.


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